CLS Revo 360° Wi-Fi or 4G Camera

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AVAILABLE ON 2024 FETF GRANT (find out more below)

  • Ultra crisp picture night and day.
  • Unaffected by extremely wet weather (IP66 rated).
  • Live stream footage from anywhere in the world.
  • Keeps an eye on people on your property.
  • Sends human and motion alerts to your phone.
  • Hear what's going on around your camera.
  • Speak directly through the camera.
  • Ready to go out of the box.
  • Choosing a 4G camera? Check which provider is best for you.

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The 30 days start from the date you take delivery of the order. After that period we can't offer a refund or exchange unless there's a technical fault with the product.

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Cameras In Action.

Here you can see what our 360 camera can do.

With a crisp picture allowing you to read number plates and the AI tracking human movement.

Keeping you and your property secure.

FETF Grant for Livestock Camera

Our 360 camera complies with all the FETF100 grant requirements.

On the 2024 grant scheme you can get £152 (up to 43%) off this camera.

FETF100SH Grant Requirements

Cameras for monitoring livestock

  • IP (Internet Protocol) camera eg wired, Wi-Fi, fibre, or mobile data connections.

  • ✅Outdoor rated IP66
  • ✅Pan Tilt and Zoom (PTZ)
  • ✅Day and night vision.
  • ✅Infrared range of 50m minimum,
  • ✅18 x zoom minimum.
  • ✅1080 pixels minimum.
  • ✅Must be compatible with online viewing app for smart phone or tablet.

  • Serial number required - to be submitted with your claim for payment.

View the 2024 FETF grant page here.

How it Works.

4G Cameras

If your walls are too thick for WiFi , or you don't have it, you can use a 4G camera.

Just like your phone, our cameras use a pay-as-you-go SIM card. Which you get from us for free.

Our cameras are set up to use the O2 network and they're unlocked so you can switch them to the 4G mobile network of your choice.

Power Options

You don't want to spend a fortune getting power to your camera. And you don't need to.

Our 360° cameras can run for twelve days off a 12V leisure battery or constantly if you use solar power.

Don't let power stop you from putting a 360° camera where you want.

360° Camera FAQs

It depends on what type of connection you have.

  • You'll want to get a Wi-Fi camera if you're planning to put it on your home. And you can get Wi-Fi signal at the installation location. You can also hardwire the WI-Fi camera with an ethernet cable.

  • 4G cameras are a better fit for remote places. For example, if you don't have Wi-Fi on an outbuilding.

Almost as easy as it gets.

We've got setup guides to walk you through the process.

Simply download the Camhipro app, connect the camera to the power and follow the five easy steps in the setup guide.

Be sure to connect your camera to your phone or desktop before you fix it in position.

Absolutely. Providing that you and your camera are connected to the internet, you'll be able to view the camera's display from anywhere in the world.

Our 4G 360° Cameras can be configured to any network of your choosing.

Their default setting is the O2 network. But you can easily change them to the network of your choice by following this guide.

That'll depend on how much you use it.

You'll mostly use data when you're interacting with the camera on the Camhipro app.

Let's say you're viewing your 4G camera for around 15 minutes a day, that'll cost you around £8 a month.

When choosing a giffgaff goody bag we recommend using a pay-as-you-go contract. That way you'll only pay for what you use.

You can always back up your footage. There are two anti-vandle options.

Option 1 - Set up email notifications. Your camera will take a picture when motion is detected and instantly send it to you in an email. Set up email notifications here.

Option 2 - Set up cloud storage. You can automatically back up all your footage online. All captured footage will be immediately uploaded to a cloud storage file. Set up cloud storage.

Our cameras have multiple powering options.

  • Mains Power - All cameras come with a three-pin plug. Simply plug it into a socket and you're away!

  • 12V Battery - A 12V battery will run a 360° camera for up to twelve days. A great choice when you don't have mains power and solar isn't an option. Like a wooded area.

  • Solar Power - Using a 12V battery and a solar panel you can keep your camera running year-round. Completely off grid.

Yes, but they must have an SD card installed to capture any images or video.

You can view, and download, all recorded footage remotely in the Camhipro app.

So there's no need to retrieve the memory card from your camera.

You'll be able to run your 360° off a fully charged 12V battery for up to 12 days.

After that, you can either recharge the battery or swap it out for a fully charged one.

Disconnecting your 360° camera from the power won't affect your settings.

As many as you want.

Friends and family can be added to the camera's access for added security.

So while you're away, they'll always be someone who can respond to your camera's motion alerts.

Product Info & Spec.

Product Information

The camera package includes: 

  • 5MP Outdoor IP66 rated pan/tilt/zoom 360 Degree Camera.
  • FREE giffgaff SIM card included with 4G camera.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • 1-year warranty
  • WiFi camera requires wifi network in range
  • If you select your own network provider, cameras need to be configured. 


    Brand: Countryside Landowners Security
    Product SKU: CAM001
    Batteries Supplied/Required: Mains power or 12v battery required
    Video Resolution: Default: 3840 x 2160 (5MP) at 25 frames/sec
    Optical Zoom: 30x
    Video Format: H.265
    Field of View: Horizontal: 96°-27° Verticle: 69°-21°
    Day & Night: Auto-switching
    Night Vision: 80 Metres (262ft approx.)
    Audio: 30 Metres (100ft) (LED: 24pcs/14mil/850nm)
    Power Interface: DC Power Port
    Ethernet: One 10M/100Mbps RJ45
    Storage: Micro SD Card SLot (Max. 256GB) - Not included
    Technical Documents:
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