Why you shouldn’t get a smart camera

Why you shouldn’t get a smart camera

360 Camera on a wooden building

Cameras, they’re everywhere.

You can’t go down a street in the UK without seeing a one.

Cameras aren’t just used for security these days.

Widely used to monitor livestock and improve efficiency in rural areas, their numbers are only going to increase.

You might not be convinced by cameras, or you’re unsure if they’ll offer any benefit to you.

The top 6 reasons someone might be sceptical about installing cameras on their property are:

  1. They infringe on privacy.
  2. They’re expensive.
  3. There’s nothing to protect them getting vandalised.
  4. They won’t stop a theft from taking place.
  5. They’re big and ugly.
  6. They’re too complicated to set up.

Security cameras can provide various benefits, however, it's important to consider the drawbacks before deciding to install them.

And what can be done to overcome the challenges they present.


“I’ll lose privacy if I install security cameras”

The main concern with security cameras is how they affect your privacy.

Many people feel uncomfortable knowing their activities are constantly being monitored.

Which leads to a heightened sense of surveillance and loss of freedom.

Installing cameras in public areas is acceptable so long as there’s appropriate signage.

Placing them in private spaces like bedrooms or bathrooms will infringe upon personal boundaries.

On the other hand, if you’re installing the cameras, and only your loved ones have access to footage, it won’t affect your privacy.

Cameras will improve your privacy by deterring unauthorised individuals from getting on your premises.

This added layer of security will improve your peace of mind, knowing your personal spaces are protected against any intruders.


“I can’t afford cameras, they’re too expensive”

Installing a complete camera system can be a significant financial investment.

Your initial purchase cost of cameras, wiring, and storage devices, coupled with ongoing maintenance expenses, can quickly add up.

Hiring a security installer is where the main cost came from.

If you’re on a tight budget, these costs may outweigh the benefits of increased security.

Although the setup cost may seem significant, it’s important to remember the cost-effectiveness.

By getting a reliable system, you can prevent costly incidents such as theft, vandalism, or property damage.

And improvements in technology have made cameras more affordable.

Installation has become easier, reducing the need for you to hire an expert.

With no installation costs, you can be set up with one of our static cameras for under £100

 Small camera overlooking a livery yard

“They’ll just get vandalised”

Smart cameras are vulnerable to damage caused by weather conditions, power surges or vandalism.

Tampering or theft of your cameras can make your surveillance system useless, with gaps in coverage.

While security cameras themselves are susceptible to damage, their presence is a deterrent against vandalism or theft.

The sight of cameras will discourage potential criminals from targeting your property, as they know they’ll be caught on video.

You should always remember, recorded footage will be valuable evidence to assist police in identifying and apprehending culprits.

And with anti-vandal measures in place on smart cameras, you’ll always have footage of what’s been happening.


“But they do nothing to stop theft happening”

While your cameras can deter criminals, it’s important to note that they don’t guarantee the prevention of theft.

Determined criminals will find ways to avoid detection or disguise their identities.

If your cameras are visible, they act as a psychological barrier, making potential burglars think twice.

Additionally, high-resolution cameras will capture clear images or videos that help identify perpetrators, improving the chances of recovering stolen items.

Also, evidence of theft goes a long way to securing a successful insurance claim.


“They’re ugly and I don’t want to see them”

Aesthetics is an important consideration for homeowners and businesses.

Cameras can be visually intrusive and may detract from the overall appearance of your property.

Bulky cameras can be seen as eyesores and create an unwelcome atmosphere.

This can be an issue if you prioritise an aesthetically pleasing environment.

However, this is typical of older models, not those released more recently.

Modern security cameras are designed with your property aesthetics in mind.

For this reason, we only use black cameras, so they don’t blot the rural landscape.

Furthermore, smaller cameras can be discreetly placed, ensuring that security is not compromised while maintaining your property’s appearance.


“They’re way too complicated for me”

In the past setting up a camera system was a complex task, especially if you don’t have technical expertise.

We already mentioned the expense of wiring and configuring recording devices. It was also time-consuming, and you needed specialised knowledge.

Troubleshooting technical issues or integrating cameras with existing systems is challenging, leading to frustration and spending more money.

This was all done by an installation expert, which is where the cost came from.

In modern times, advancements in technology have simplified the installation and operation of security camera systems.

So, you can do it yourself.

You now have wireless options, eliminating the need for extensive wiring which are ready to go out of the box.

With our own systems, you’ll have full control while using an app, giving you access to live feeds and recorded footage.

And with detailed guides and support services available, you’re ensured a smoother setup process.

 Livestreaming a camera from a phone

Now you know, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

It’s important to remember the drawbacks of cameras. And how they affect your life negatively.

But as technology improves, those negative points are quickly diminishing.

Things that contribute positively to security measures are:

  1. Enhanced privacy.
  2. Long-term cost-effectiveness.
  3. Vandalism protection
  4. Improved protection against damage and theft.
  5. Evolving aesthetics.
  6. Easy installation.

Considering these points with an open mind will allow you to make an informed decision on whether getting a camera is the right thing for you to do.

Many of the stigmas surrounding cameras stem from the products of the late 20th century.

Which, as time has passed, have become outdated.

When it comes to private security, you have the control.

Begin your smart camera journey and explore our affordable user friendly options.


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