7 reasons to get a rural security camera.

7 reasons to get a rural security camera.

360 WiFi Camera under a gutter


So, you’re asking yourself the question. Is a rural security camera for me?

Someone down the pub mentioned they’ve bought one. Or you’ve seen one up on your neighbour’s house.

And it’s got you thinking, “do I need one?”.

Well, you’re on a website that sells cameras, so we’ll be batting for team ‘Yes’.

But we won’t say every man and his dog needs a security camera. It just wouldn’t be true!

So, we’ll chop it down into 7 solid categories:

  • Do you own machinery?
  • Do you have livestock?
  • Is there public access to your property?
  • How accessible is your property?
  • Is your equipment in high demand?
  • Are you a previous victim of crime?
  • How far away are you from your outbuildings?

If you’re in one of these groups, you need a security camera.

Each one of those areas makes your property a target for rural crime.

And it’s always better to get a system in place before it’s too late.

Rural security cameras are an excellent deterrent for crime.

But the bolder criminal will still try their luck.

So, an early warning system with human detection alerts will help you react early. Now where would you get one of those…?


Do you own machinery?


Some of you will have all your machinery under strict lock and key.

A little bit like the intro scene from ‘Get Smart’. You and only you can get to it.

But not everyone has enough inside space to lock everything away. So, it needs protecting differently.

According to NFU Mutual’s recent report, agricultural vehicle theft cost £9.1m in 2021. Matching the same amount from 2020.

That’s almost 20% of the overall cost of theft to the UK in 2021.

Machinery tends to be big and heavy. So it’s difficult to move.

But lighter goods, such as your quad or ATV is a hot ticket from criminals.

A rural security camera will keep an eye on your machinery whilst you’re tucked up in bed.

And let’s face it, replacing an ATV is a lot more expensive than an £80 security camera.


Do you own livestock?

This is a sensitive subject.

Hopefully, you’re not a victim of livestock rustling.

A really heartless crime as it’s an attack on the people that grow and cultivate our food.

It’s time to be on your toes. The cost of livestock theft increased by 3.7% on 2020.

The rise in food prices has made livestock more desirable criminals and increases the toll a theft has on farmers.

Understandably your stock is at its most vulnerable when it’s in the field.

So, what can you do to protect them?

Positioning your rural security cameras at entry points to your property will allow you to catch intruders early on.

Alternatively, you can use a solar panel set up to run your 4G security camera in more remote areas.

This will keep an eye on your stock and let you know if anyone is there who shouldn’t be.


Is there public access to your property?

 360 WiFi Rural Security Camera


Perhaps your grounds are open to the public.

Or you have a public footpath running through your property. And some clever clogs decided to put the path through the middle of your buildings.

Now, some people who’re out for a stroll might poke their heads in buildings, are just being nosey.

Whereas others are out shopping.

You could be out on your quad rounding up sheep or mowing the grass. Your machinery could be minding its own business, parked in a barn.

Either way, your expensive machinery has been marked.

Putting up security cameras is one of the best deterrents against crime

And if your property is getting a lot of public traffic. You don’t want anyone coming back who shouldn’t be.


Is your equipment in high demand?

Ask yourself what machinery you’ve got locked away.

If it’s an Aston Martin DB5 you know the worth and it’s quite obviously something in demand.

But it’s the other bits you haven’t considered.

High demand and limited supply of new cars mean the value of 2nd hand cars has rocketed in the last couple of years.

The same applies to machinery.

And the more something is worth, the bigger risk someone will take to get their hands on it.

Land Rover Defender alone theft rose sharply in 2021, an increase of 34% on 2020.

Unfortunately, fuel now comes into the ‘hot property’ category. The first half of this year has seen the cost and frequency of fuel thefts more than double.

We don’t need to tell you how important machinery and fuel are to your daily lives.

So putting up rural security cameras becomes a no-brainer when you consider the headache it will save you.


How accessible is your property?

Rural Security Camera on a barn

If you live next to a busy road. Or close to an urban area.

You’ll have more unwanted visitors than you might expect.

Let’s not forget that people are generally lazy. And it’s going to cost them a bit in fuel if they have to drive quite far.

If your property is in a naturally busy place it’ll be difficult to notice anyone who shouldn’t be there.

The ease of access makes it far easier to steal something too.

Rolling up to an accessible property and chucking a quad onto a trailer can be done much faster.

However, if you’ve got a security camera on show, it’s going to put people off having a go.

You’ll also make the job harder for them. They’ll need to avoid the camera or try and conceal themselves.


Are you a previous victim of crime?

There won’t be many farmers who don’t have a story about theft on their farm.

Speaking to the farmer the other day he said somebody had tried to steal 20000 litres of red diesel.

And the thought of a person being there when they shouldn’t isn’t nice.

What you need is peace of mind.

Installing rural security cameras with motion detection will reassure you no one is there.

And should someone come onto your property you can call the police at the earliest possible opportunity.


How far away are your buildings from your home?


You can’t be everywhere at once.

Your farm buildings may be a 10-minute drive away.

Your holiday home might be in Cornwall whilst you’re in North Yorkshire.

So, you don’t always know what’s going on.

People that live next to their valuables have the luxury of hearing and seeing any activity.

Being called up at 2am because a neighbour has ‘heard’ something isn’t fun.

Dragging yourself out to the farm to find it was nothing is even less fun.

Putting up rural security cameras means you can simply live stream footage directly to your phone.

You won’t need to get out of bed.


Why trust us? 


We’ve been in the security game for a long time. As a registered and accredited SSIAB member, you can rest assured that you’re dealing with an established security company.

Our crime figures have come from NFU Mutual’s 2021 rural crime report.



So, when you’re considering installing security cameras, it comes down to your own situation.

If you don’t fit into any of these categories, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get one.

It’s important to remember that security cameras aren’t just there to help catch a thief. They’re one of the best methods of keeping them away too.

Now it's time to choose the best camera for you.


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